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Legacy Dance Productions is now accepting registrations for the 2024-2025  dance and tumble season! Please email for info and office hours! To save time, please print off and fill out the registration form HERE. We look forward to dancing with you!


* Registration and recital fees due at registration  

* Recital fee includes 2 FREE tickets
* Costume fees include alterations and stoning        
* Costume fees divided into 3 payments, 1st payment due at registration

* Combo classes include two costumes           

Non-Competitive Tuition and Fees             
Registration Fee                         $35.00
Recital Fee                                $25.00

*Includes 2 FREE tickets
Non-Competitive Costume Fee      $90.00
Combo Costume Fee                  $140.00

Non-Competitive Monthly Tuition            
First Dance Class                       $60.00
Additional Class                        $40.00

Competitive Tuition and Fees             
Registration Fee                     $35.00

Recital Fee                            $25.00

*Includes 2 FREE tickets
Competitive Costume Fee        $100.00
Non-Competitive Costume Fee  $90.00

Competitive Monthly Tuition            
First 3 Competitive Classes       $140.00 
*includes 3 classes (technique, ballet and
1 competitive class
Additional Competitive Class    $40.00


Additional Options                   
45 Minute Private Instruction        $50.00               
Competitive Solo                       $275.00                     
Competitive Duet                       $175.00  *per person            
Competitive Trio                        $150.00  *per person           

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Legacy Dance Productions
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