Legacy Dance Productions is now accepting registrations for the 2020-2021 dance season! Please email for info and office hours! To save time, please print off and fill out the registration form HERE. We look forward to dancing with you!


* Registration and recital fees due at registration  

* Recital fee includes 2 FREE tickets
* Costume fees include alterations and stoning        
* Costume fees divided into 3 payments, 1st payment due at registration

* Combo classes include tap and ballet           

Non-Competitive Tuition and Fees             
Registration Fee                         $35.00
Recital Fee                                $25.00

*Includes 2 FREE tickets
Non-Competitive Costume Fee      $80.00
Combo Costume Fee                  $120.00

Non-Competitive Monthly Tuition            
First Dance Class                       $50.00
Additional Class                        $35.00

Competitive Tuition and Fees             
Registration Fee                     $35.00

Recital Fee                            $25.00

*Includes 2 FREE tickets
Competitive Costume Fee        $90.00
Non-Competitive Costume Fee  $80.00

Competitive Monthly Tuition            
First 3 Competitive Classes       $135.00 
*includes 3 classes (technique, ballet and
1 competitive class
Additional Competitive Class    $38.00
Additional Non-Competitive      $35.00

Additional Options                   
45 Minute Private Instruction        $50.00               
Competitive Solo                       $250.00                     
Competitive Duet                       $125.00  *per person            
Competitive Trio                        $85.00    *per person           

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