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Tiny Tots (2-3 years old)

This class is for the beginning dancer and focuses on having fun while learning balance, rhythm, coordination, and how to follow instruction. The students will explore the basics of ballet and tap and incorporate the use of props while using their imagination! Our Tiny Tots classes provide the basics needed to enter our Pre-Star classes.

Pre-Stars (3-4 years old) ,  Kinder-Stars (4-5 years old)  ,  Elementary Combo (5-7 years old)

These 45 minute tap/ballet combination classes are designed for students to express their creativity through dance.   Tap and Ballet fundamentals are taught through imagination activities, movement activities, and music.  Basic dance skills are taught in a creative method while ensuring proper skill growth for future training.

Pre-Company I (4-6 years old)
Pre-Company II (6-8 years old)

These classes are for dancers ages 4-6, 6-8 and are designed to introduce students to dance at the competitive level.  Students will participate in 2 required classes per week and encouraged to participate in an additional class.  They will take an hour long combination class (Tap & Ballet) and a 45 minute Technique & Flex class per week.  We encourage students in this program to take a company Acro class as well but this class is optional. These dancers will not compete this year but will dance in the Christmas Parade and be required to go watch 1 competition that we compete in.  These dancers will also have the privilege of performing in our Company Showcase in May. Dancers do not have to audition to be in this program!
Click here for more info on Pre Competition and Competition teams

Legacy Dance Productions Dance Classes for ages 2 and up



Ballet has always been the basis for all dance styles. During class student’s will be taught proper body alignment, discipline, balance, fluidity and grace. Each class will include barre work, stretching, center floor exercises and across the floor combinations.  Ballet helps increase coordination, toning muscle and building confidence.  All students are encouraged to take ballet, as it enables further success in other dance styles.


Pointe classes are designed for students with prior ballet training. All exercises focus on strengthening the student’s feet and ankles.  The Pointe class will consist of barre exercises, center floor and across the floor combinations. Instructor permission is required for all Pointe classes.

Legacy Dance Productions Ballet Class

Tap teaches the student to find rhythms and beats not only in the music, but also in their own bodies.  Students will learn timing, rhythm, and foot coordination to various types of music while thinking and acting quickly.  Students will receive experienced knowledge of all types of tap including Rhythm Tap and Broadway Tap.


Jazz is full of sharp and fluid movements that help produce a visually technical style. This class will focus on learning techniques such as isolations, rhythms and patterns, leaps, turns, extensions and performance quality.

Acro/Tumble (all ages)
Acro/Tumble is incorporated in all types of dance choreography.  During these classes students will learn the basics and work on advancing the skills that they already have.  This class will also focus on increasing flexibility, muscle control, strength, and balance.

Clogging is a fun, fast-paced class.  Students will learn different styles of clogging techniques while improving coordination, strength, endurance and self-confidence.  Students will learn how to move their feet quickly while ensuring grace and styling.  

n this class, students will learn how to develop their minds and bodies to communicate through movement.  This is a style of dance that is emotion based and inspired to create and tell a story.  Students will learn weight sharing and partnering while using techniques learned from Ballet and Jazz.

Hip Hop
In this high-energy, age-appropriate class, students will learn fun hip-hop techniques and combinations, danced to their favorite music. Hip-hop is forever evolving!  This class will explore the latest styles of street and break dancing. Students will learn the importance of isolations and dynamics to execute the movements.  Classes will inspire students to step outside of the box by bringing their own style to the movements.

This modern class will explore fall and recovery, suspension and release, and learn to connect breath with movement. During this class, students will be influenced by the techniques of Martha Graham, José Limón, and Merce Cunningham. Students will explore new ways of movement through floor work, partnering and improvisation.

Legacy Dance Productions Acro Tumble Class


Legacy Dance Productions
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